December 07, 2011


Today's outfit accomplishes two goals:
1. Wear the "forgotten" items from my closet... the ones I hang onto for years but for some reason always pass over. This skirt qualifies. I bought it at JCrew so long ago that I can't remember what state I was living in at the time. But it's perfectly fine, and I still love the rust color. My recent acquisition of these brown boots may have brought the skirt back into play - I haven't had knee-high brown boots in ages, and the skirt is long enough that it skews frumpy without boots.
2. Wear things that "go" together even if they don't quite match. The scarf is technically orange-and-black instead of rust-and-brown, but you know what? I still like them together. So there.

Brown cardigan: Target
Rust-colored corduroy skirt: JCrew
Brown leggings (unseen but necessary): Old Navy
Brown boots: Target

Where: Gymnastics class, work at home, preschool holiday party, meeting the chimney sweep, playdate, baking nine dozen cookies for a cookie swap, continuing ed class.

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