December 07, 2011


I'm catching up! This is Tuesday's outfit. And while I wish I'd figured out a way to incorporate more color, I have to say that this outfit was perfect for Action Tuesday.
Also, my friend D says that these types of cuffs (see them better here) are called "hobo mitts." Which made me laugh all day. I love them, even though I curse them every time I have to wash my hands, eat, or do dishes. Which - let's face it - is pretty much every five minutes around here.

Brown turtleneck tunic: CAbi
Grey skinny jeans: Old Navy
Brown boots: Target

Where: Preschool dropoff, vacuum cleaner dissection (don't ask), boatloads of work at home, preschool pickup, voting, gymnastics class, drycleaner, grocery store, cooking, eight kabillion Christmas cards.

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