July 01, 2011


I'm pretty sure I wore almost this exact outfit on vacation. Oh well. You're allowed to repeat every few months, right??
I adore this color, it makes me think of the sea. So I paired it with my lobster necklace. Even though I spent the entire day running errands and doing housework, looking down at my dress still made me smile.

Turquoise jersey dress: Target
White cardigan: Target
Beaded "peacock" sandals: Chinese Laundry
Lobster necklace: gift from my sister
Yellow rubber watch: swag from my husband's old job

Where: Daycamp dropoff, K-mart (ugh, ours is grody), gas station, bank, thrift store, Homegoods, Michael's, town offices (twice), bakery, market, daycamp pickup, laundry, sewing new curtains, work at home. Phew.

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