June 27, 2011

Weekend Wedding

This weekend my husband and I made a 1000 mile whirlwind tour to go to his brother's wedding. The ceremony and reception took place in Southie so needless to say, I was excited. Of course the only thing I know about Southie is Good Will Hunting. And yes, it is kind of like that. The wedding was in a reception hall above a bar and pretty low key. The bride and groom looked happy. The dress code varied from a long ball gown to jeans and a t-shirt. I have no idea where I fell in the spectrum other than I am in LOVE with my new Lilly Pulitzer shift dress that I found at...wait for it...T.J. Maxx. SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!! It might not have been the most flattering dress in the world because it was so straight but honey badger don't care because the pattern! Oh the pattern. Turquoise, yellow and black koi fish? Yes, please! I will need to work a little harder at Zumba to make this dress fit better because of late I've been slacking and well, it shows. We have another wedding at the end of July and hopefully this dress will work better for me. And again, it's another 1000 mile (that's round trip total) but it's all worth it.

The Wear:
Dress: Lilly Pulitzer (from T.J. Maxx!)
Shoes: Franco Sarto

The Where:
Wedding in Southie (our waitress even had a thick Irish brogue!)

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