June 03, 2011

Friday Hoedown

Okay, I'm not going to a hoedown. For some reason with the rolled up jeans and the espadrille wedges, I feel a little bit country. Or maybe it's because I just went down to the "Rib Fest" for lunch. It is not a place this vegetarian likes to hang but out summer intern wanted to try the Tennessee ribs so away we went. I tried not to gag when I saw the whole pig rotating on a spit. Super gag.

So yes, the outfit. Actually, let's talk shoes. In case you haven't noticed, I wear flats 113% of the time. Today I decided to go all CRAZY and wear high heal wedges. They are actually the only type of heals I will wear without screaming Uncle! I tried to put a closeup photo of the shoes but it appeared upside down and I didn't want to strain anyone's neck trying to look at them. So, trust me, they are cute.

The Wear:
Cardigan (remixed): Motherhood Maternity (Not. With. Child.)
Beaded shirt: Boutique in San Diego from a gajillion years ago
Camisole: Banana Republic
Jeans (remixed): !it Diva
Belt (remixed): C. J. Laing
Espadrilles: Franco Sarto

The Where:
Work, Rib Fest, eye doctor, grocery store, cookout

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