June 02, 2011

Bad in Black

Today I had to have my portrait taken for the local bar association picture guide. Because that it just what you need, a photo guide of local attorneys. Whoowee! We were told to wear solid colors or a dark suit. I came this close to wearing my fancy charcoal grey suit but then decided that no way, if I do not have to be in court, a suit does not go on my person. So there. Instead I decided to jazz up this black number with more black. See that creativity? Actually, I like this outfit. I feel a little bit like Joan Harris with the belt on. I just need the red hair and saucy attitude to go with it!

Tomorrow is casual Friday and I have a picnic in the evening. I need to step up my game, as SP did in this post, and move out of my comfort zone. I have some ideas brewing, it's just a matter of putting it all together.

By the way, I am proud that this post is relatively coherent and I am not wearing my dress backwards. Our two year old son had a sleep study on Tuesday and although I do not like the term "epic fail" that is the only way to describe the study, my lack sleep and I really mean no sleep, and the resulting crankiness of all parties involved. Be ye not so stupid: avoid sleep studies on two year old children who end up also having double ear infections!

The Wear:
Dress (remixed): Shabby Apple (I loves me some Shabby Apple)
Belt (remixed): Express
Shoes (remixed): Mossimo (I wanted to wear some red wedges but I thought my tiredness might result in falling.)

The Where:
Work, portrait sitting (gag,) meeting with clients, massage (High! Five!), home.

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