March 15, 2011

Outfit: March 15, 2011

Apparently I was feeling kind of nautical today. I had super-high hopes for this shirt - I've been wanting to do dolman sleeves and stripes, and this combines both - but I'm not sure about it. Maybe with different pants? Speaking of pants... I need new jeans desperately. (Although I promise these aren't as short as they look in the photo.) I think I'm going to start stalking the UPS driver until my package arrives.

Dolman striped top: Bella D (TJ Maxx)
Navy ivy-print scarf: Lands End Canvas
Jeans: Calvin Klein bootcut
Grey buckle boots: White Mountain
"Rope braid" silver cuff: Sam Moon (similar)


  1. Ahhhrrrr, matey! Sorry, nautical made me think of pirates. Not that you look like a pirate. Or I can't tell, are toy wearing an eye patch?

  2. I meant you not toy. Damn you iPhone autocorrect!