November 29, 2011

Comfy Cozy Day

And.........................Frumptastic is back. I decided to take a sabbatical during the warmer months because we traveled and I got distracted by shiny things. So anyway, I'm back. It's almost December and that means dressing in layers and trying not to look like a bulky roll. I titled my post "Comfy Cozy Day" because my son's preschool is having comfy cozy day and he dressed in a Middlebury sweatshirt and sweatpants this morning. Can I say, jealous much? We both have colds so sweats are much more appealing than office wear.
I suppose I am not dressed in comfy cozy. Instead let's call it "Librarian Chic." Once upon a time, okay yesterday, I wanted to be a librarian. So it is only appropriate that I dress like one today so I can pretend I am not what I really am. Follow?
This outfit is centered around a LAURA ASHLEY sweater. My teenage years centered around LAURA ASHLEY clothes when wearing floral dresses was really cool when you were 15. Wait, it wasn't? There was a Laura Ashely in our hometown and my brother's ex-girlfriend worked there so score! Bright blue and pink floral dresses galore! Now I do not think you can find a Laura Ashley store in the U.S. (at least not anywhere near me and that's what matters) so I can no longer drape myself in floral frocks. Sad. Actually, the last time I saw a Laura Ashley store was in Helsinki, Finland. Weird, right?
The Wear:
Sweater: LAURA ASHLEY (duh)
Dress: Mossimo
Tissue long sleeved tee: J. Crew
Tights: Target
Boots: White Mountain
The Where:
Office, Home. Not to the gym. Running in wool is itchy.


  1. Ooh, I really like the goldenrod color with the maroon tights... good combination.

    Wait, that's pretty much my camel-and-plum obsession again, isn't it? Huh. At least I'm consistent.

  2. So THAT is librarian wear?? Then I want to be one, too. I already LOVE to read, so there you go. Great outfit!

    I followed you here from WIWW.