July 21, 2011

Nobody needs to see this

I haven't posted much this week. Do you want to know why? I present to you the above photo of yesterdays' outfit.
This week has been hot, and muggy, and did I mention HOT? My days have consisted of sweating, and digging in the sand with my son, and fishing frisbees out of the lake. In short, I have not dressed up. In fact I have barely dressed at all.
Yesterday I wore a dress for the simple reason that it was cooler than shorts. I got the dirtiest I think I have ever gotten while wearing a dress. And note the footwear! Dinner was a picnic at a farm. I wore studded sandals for most of the day, but I really just wanted my feet covered when walking though a barnyard; that's just me.
(I realize this post sounds very complainy. I don't mean it; I've had some awesome days this week. Well, except for the heat part. I mean it about that.)

Purple jersey dress: Target
Yellow tank: Lands End
Sexy amphibious sandals: Teva
Small starfish necklace: Target
Dirt: courtesy of beach, park, gym and farm.

Where: Park/beach playdate, grocery store, work at home, swimming lesson, picnic and concert at a nearby farm.

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