December 20, 2011


Action Tuesday. It's safe to say that re-entry from a vacation is no fun — especially when you are re-entering during the week before Christmas. Thankfully I got the bulk of my Christmas prep done before we left - cards mailed, gifts purchased if not wrapped. So this week is primarily spent batting cleanup on my Christmas list. Oh, and the wrapping. So very much wrapping yet to come...

Grey metallic "inside-out" sweater: DKNY
White v-neck t-shirt: Kohls
Jeans: Lauren Conrad bootcut in "huckleberry"
Black harness boots: Target
Snowflake necklace: gift from my mom, rechained

Where: Preschool dropoff, eye doctor, then staggering around half-blind with my eyes dilated. Work at home, preschool pickup, gymnastics class, tons of errands.

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