December 29, 2011


My outfit yesterday was built around this striped infinity scarf - a Christmas gift from my sister, which I adore. I love the red and blue stripes together... I know it's totally not the same as the Hogwarts scarves, but it makes me feel a little like a wizard anyhow. I have to figure out how to wear it though - so far this outfit is the only one I have come up with. But I love the scarf, so it's worth some imagination.
I wore this for a busy Wednesday and it was perfect. I had planned to change into a dress before going out to dinner, but it was so blustery and cold that this outfit just stayed right on through the end of the day.

Red/blue striped infinity scarf - Etsy, a Christmas gift from my sister
Sueded brown vest: LL Bean
Maroon t-shirt: Old Navy
Skinny jeans: Gap
Brown boots: Target
Silver maroon-and-brown beaded bracelet: neighborhood gift exchange

Where: Playdate at our house, lunch out with my grandmother, afternoon visiting with my aunt and cousin, dinner out with Frumptastic and D. Yay!

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