May 18, 2011

Well I Just Can't Buy Anything Nice Anymore

For those who have children, especially the toddler variety, typically you will find stains of unknown origin on your clothing. Usually you or your partner will note these stains on you before you leave the house for work. Oh no, not today. Today I walked into my office, went down the hall to the bathroom, and saw right with my own eyes in the mirror, a nice food stain on my stomach. Thanks, little guy! I am not even sure when it happened. But that whole little story explains why I am crossing my arms over my stomach. Even though I am telling you about the splotch, you do not actually need to see it.

The Outfit
Jean Jacket (remixed): Banana Republic
Knit dress (remixed): Calvin Klein
Harness boots (remixed): White Mountain

Where: Speech therapist status conference (my toddler's, not mine), work, parent teacher conference (FOR A TWO YEAR OLD, PEOPLE!), home.


  1. I don't know, maybe you DO need a speech therapist too. Aren't you the one who came out with "unichaun" yesterday?

  2. A unichaun! It's when a unicorn and leprechaun get it on! That totally rhymes. I'm a comment poet.