May 17, 2011

Trying to not fall asleep

The title to this post has nothing to do with the outfit. Or does it... Yes, I am wearing a lot of dark brown colors but then BANG! a flash of bright springy color in the form of a Target cardigan. How'd she do that?! It's like unicorns and leprechauns came together and formed unichauns! Um, yes, I am really that tired.

Anyway, it is quite cold and grey today but I am not letting it dampen my spring spirit. It's too cold to go bare legged so I had to put on some tights. That last sentence made me whimper a little. But instead of pulling on another autumn color, I snatched that sweater from it's place and embraced the spring that would be. Again, sleep deprived?

The Outfit:
Sweater (remixed): Merona
Dress (remixed): Merona
Tights (remixed): JC Penny
Harness boots (remixed): White Mountain

Where: Work, CVS, home, salon

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