March 09, 2011

Outfit: March 9, 2011

I am feeling somewhat blah today. Tomorrow we are saying goodbye to our 18 year old Siamese kitty. Even though we know it's time, it is a difficult decision to make. So alas, I am not in the mood for bright happy colors. This outfit reflects my somber mood. Please don't be surprised if tomorrow I am wearing all black.

Grey tweed jacket: J. Crew
White button down shirt: Rafaelle (probably from Teej)
Red tank: Banana Republic (for when I take my jacket off)
Brown Pants: Michael Kors
Ribbon belt with tortoise shell links: Unknown because I cut off the tag but probably J. Crew or Banana Republic
Shoes: mossimo (Target)
Necklace: Gift from The Plumage

Where: Work where we are having a photo shoot. I probably should have thought more about wearing brighter colors but oh well.

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