July 12, 2011

Yellow (sort of)

It's Yellow Day over at Everybody Everywear today... so I tried to get in at least a little bit of yellow in my outfit. The trouble is, I have very little yellow. Two tank tops, and a scarf. I think that's it. Oh, and a pair of mustard yellow platform clogs. Huh. I'm hoping my watch and the wreath in the background give me some extra-credit points?

Black cropped cardigan: Old Navy
Yellow petal-trim tank: Old Navy
Black stretchy jersey skirt: Old Navy
(Wow... this outfit is seriously brought to you by the words Old and Navy.)
Black-and-white wedge espadrilles: Naturalizer
Small starfish necklace: Target
Yellow rubber watch: swag from my husband's old job

Where: Evening meeting.

Image 1987


  1. I didn't have much yellow in my wardrobe either, but I like the pop of color with black!

  2. I didn't have much yellow either ... I had to go and thrift something. I think it's a hard color to wear. I really like the way you styled it though ... it made your outfit summery, and I could do this (maybe with another color though).